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IWF Connect

A new way to do business for the global woodworking industry.

Show Dates: Oct. 26-30, 2020

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This online event will bring together the global woodworking industry for five streamlined days of buying, selling, and experiencing new products and industry trends, all in one place online.

IWF Connect enables you to advance your business and forge profitable, long-lasting partnerships. Gather with the world’s woodworking community to experience a new way to do business.

IWF Connect is a show without walls, providing you opportunities without limits.

  • What Will Happen

  • How It Works

  • Why Participate

  • How It’s Marketed

  • Who Will Attend

What Will Happen at IWF Connect?

5 highly impactful days of promoting your business, getting leads, and making sales.

As an exhibitor at IWF Connect, your company will be in front of one of the largest audiences in the industry, all convened in one place online to do business. In your dedicated virtual booth, you can:

  • Showcase your company, including images, videos, brochures, white papers, news releases and links
  • Highlight your products in your own gallery and launch new ones in our New Product Gallery
  • Network and connect with attendees through live-chat, meetings, phone calls, email, and social media
  • Give attendees key contact info through Virtual Business Cards
  • Get qualified leads from your booth visitors
  • Host events such as live demonstrations, webinars and/or live Q&A sessions
  • Provide show specials

Targeting more than


IWF Atlanta Attendees and Prospects

IWF Connect makes it simple for you to meet with the decision-makers who are looking to experience your products and services. We put the unmatched buying power of our audience to work for your business.

How IWF Connect Works

Your IWF Connect booth will be presented on the all-new Map Your Show Virtual Event platform.

With Map Your Show (MYS) displaying all exhibits on a Virtual Trade Show floor, IWF Connect assures registered attendees a single-destination, seamless virtual trade show experience with all exhibitors easily accessed. Once your completed Application to Exhibit is approved, your IWF Connect virtual booth is ready to be created using Map Your Show’s platform.

Your Virtual Booth will be open for registered attendees to visit starting with the opening of the show (October 26-30) and for the rest of 2020, allowing you to continue accessing leads.

To Create Your Virtual Booth:

  • Complete your application and receive approval.
  • Log into your Exhibitor Dashboard and review the new opportunities to showcase your company as attendees move from exploring the show on-site to online.
  • Ensure your company’s online listing is updated and fresh to maximize your show experience and generate qualified leads. More information means maximum exposure on the online directory and more accessibility in the keyword search.
  • Review your Exhibitor Checklist to track all action items—including your product presentations, special pricing offers, in-booth promotion opportunities and more.
  • Explore all the ways you can connect with attendees.

Once the final step has been completed, your IWF Connect booth is ready for opening day.

Why Should I Participate?

Benefit from this simple, convenient and powerful selling platform.

For 5 days, from the convenience of your office or home, you can use IWF Connect to build sales and relationships that can help support your business for the long- term.

Prior to and during the event, we are heavily promoting IWF Connect via a strategic mix of mailings, print and web ads, social media (organic and targeted), emails and more. We are marketing the event to a broader audience than our traditional show, reaching deeper into key industries and drawing on wider geographic areas. With this thorough, extensive marketing push, we are working to ensure that IWF Connect is a success for exhibitors and attendees.

Compared to a Traditional Trade Show, IWF Connect Will Enable You To:

  • Reach a potentially greater audience than may have visited your physical booth
  • Show a wider range of products, services and equipment
  • Automatically collect leads from booth visitors who choose to provide their info
  • Focus on selling, not on event set-up or logistics

Increase your visibility to potential customers by sponsoring a special event, sending an e-blast about your products to the IWF audience, running ads on the IWF Connect website, and much more.

How Is This Event Being Marketed?

IWF Connect Global Marketing Snapshot

IWF Connect will execute an all-channel marketing strategy to deliver global exposure and drive attendance from across the woodworking industry. Here’s a quick snapshot of the marketing mix and campaign track:

  • A 120-day email campaign targeting and reaching all 43,000-plus IWF attendee records AND thousands of all-new prospects
  • A multi-vehicle attendee registration campaign with digital trade ads, email, organic social media, IWF Network News and sponsored emails driving engagement and commitments
  • Targeted social media and website ads, extensive retargeting and search campaigns delivering broad IWF Connect brand exposure and boosting site traffic
  • A massive trade media advertising program employing high-visibility Leaderboard, Banner, Skyscraper and Page-Takeover space in top industry publications – including Fine Woodworking, Kitchen & Bath Design News, Woodworking Network, Woodshop News, Forest Products Report and more
  • A digital Show Preview Guide showcasing IWF Connect exhibitors, promotions and virtual events
  • The IWF Connect Digital Show Daily published during the event, October 26 - 30

Who Will Attend?

Research reveals IWF Connect attendees want to do business with you.

Attendance is FREE, and all IWF Connect attendees can interact with you and view special event programming.

In research conducted independently for IWF Connect, previous IWF Atlanta attendees report that:

  • A majority are likely or extremely likely to attend IWF Connect (even though they have not attended any other virtual trade show event)

At IWF Connect, attendees want to:

  • Connect directly with exhibitors
  • Preview products and services via online presentations
  • Find new product introductions in exclusive US release
  • Ask questions of exhibitors one-on-one
  • Take advantage of purchase incentives offered only at IWF Connect

Attendees are primarily interested in:

  • Virtual exhibit booths with new inventory highlighted, plus deals and discounts
  • New product presentations
  • Step-by-step workshops and tutorials
  • Live roundtables and panel discussions

And they really want to see:

  • IWF Connect-only discounts on products, machinery, services and technologies
  • Exclusive networking opportunities with exhibitors

Finally, the feature that is most important in their decision to attend is:

  • Special product pricing and discounts

What Are My Next Steps?

To get started, click below to apply for a virtual booth on the Map Your Show platform.

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IWF Connect will take place October 26 - 30, 2020

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